Qingdao FTZ Branch is the pioneer and practitioner of cross border ecommerce. Qingdao FTZ Branch established 7000 square meters warehouse specially used in cross border ecommerce, and also set up overseas warehouse in Korea, Australia, Netherland, UK and USA. These warehouses enables Qingdao FTZ Branch to offer FBA services and ecommerce export services. Meanwhile, Qingdao FTZ branch provides port services before shipped on board and after unloading from the vessel. And in the past 4 years, Qingdao FTZ branch continuously dedicates to study the international transshipment consolidation service, being prepared to provide transshipment service to the customers and overseas agents.Relying on the service products including sea, air and rail consolidation, bonded warehousing, international transshipment, customs broker, commercial inspection agency and ecommerce, Qingdao FTZ branch is providing supply chain management service to the customers and markets in multi-levels and multi-dimensions. The goal of Qingdao FTZ branch is to be the logistics steward for the domestic and international companies and consumers.

  • In 2000 Founded in 2000
  • 15+ 15+ branches
  • 800+ 800 Service team
  • 20000+ Cooperation with the customer

World Jaguar Logistics Inc. is an international freight forwarding enterprise integrating sea transportation, air transportation, sea and rail transportation. Company routes complete, reasonable prices; Cooperative enterprises cover a full range of advantages over traditional freight forwarding. The company can provide you with a series of services such as booking space, trailer, interior loading, customs declaration, insurance, etc., and cooperate with many shipping companies to escort your cargo.

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World Jaguar Logistics Inc. is committed to the development and development of international maritime transport, air transport, railway, multimodal transport, bonded Logistics, warehousing, cross-border e-commerce, customs declaration, insurance, packaging, distribution in one of the international freight forwarding services.

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World Jaguar Logistics Inc. has formed strategic cooperation with many national import and export freight forwarding companies and many global shipping companies to provide more powerful international freight forwarding and import and export customs clearance services for many trading customers.

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