World Jaguar Logistics Inc.


“2022 the 2nd Global Trade and Logistics Expo/ 9Th International Business and Logistics Conference” was officially held at the exhibition hall of the Oriental Hotel in Guangzhou on August 30th.


World Jaguar Logistics (Qingdao) and its subsidiaries (offices in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Yantai, Chengdu) joined the conference, which is aimed at building a communication/cooperation channel as well as looking for new opportunities with the peer workers together in the logistics industry.


The Deputy Managing Director of WJ Guangzhou office, Mr. Ken Du, was honored to be invited to attend the “Gain an Insight into the Future, Lead the Way by the Experts” forum as an enterprise representative. Ken analyzed the talking point of the market, explained the trouble cases that there might exist in the logistics industry, and did the market trend forecasting jointly with other members at the forum.


World Jaguar met and spoke with many different company representatives during the conference, better realized the operational situation, the specialty, technical expertise and its need for each of them. Based on World Jaguar’s current situation, better gear toward actual demand development, the company is willing to look for more opportunities with other enterprises, enabling more people to benefit from coordinated development on matters of common interest.


In the post-COVID-19 world, the Chinese logistics industry is entering in a new era of growth. With the constantly industrial transformation led by the new environment, new modal and new technologies. The logistics industry is gradually moving from the previous automated, informative system towards an intelligent and digital one. The” new logistics” era is going to bring more opportunities and challenges to the logisticians. World Jaguar is getting ready for the new environment. To sail through the winds and waves, and to struggle against the difficulties to make it a better company.