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  Recruitment concept  

Put people first

Talent view is the principle and standard to judge the value of all kinds of professional and technical talents in an enterprise under the guidance of its core values. It has a strong guiding role to the development of employees.

Talent is the root of the revitalization of enterprise development

People-oriented is to make the company to form a talent, talent, talent, talent incentive, reuse, talent as the concept of enterprise development. To make the most of one's talents is to create a good living environment for talents. To provide them with the stage to implement their own talent, stimulate their high and lasting enthusiasm for work, so as to create great benefits for the enterprise, strongly promote the development of the enterprise.

Work in a pleasant environment


We create an environment that encourages free expression, honest communication, individuality and diversity, You will continue to grow here. After joining wanjia jiyun, you will be creative with others Employees with many years of industry experience work together to create an era of logistics connectivity.

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  • Position wanted: 5 documents clerk


    Job responsibilities:

    1. Entry, review, confirmation and issue of bill of lading;

    2. Bill making; Sorting out customer information;

    3. Entry and production of manifest;


    1. College degree or above in international trade or logistics, cet-4 is preferred;

    2. Steadfast and prudent, careful in work, strong sense of responsibility, strong communication and coordination skills, and teamwork

    3. Peer experience is preferred.

  • Position wanted: 5 salesmen


    Job responsibilities:

    1. Managed customer relations and completed sales tasks;

    2. Provide professional consultation to customers; Collect information of potential customers;


    1. Major in international trade, international logistics, foreign trade English or marketing;

    2. Extroversion, quick response, strong presentation skills, strong communication skills and affinity;

  • Position wanted: 2 for overseas development


    Job responsibilities:

    1. Cooperate with the ministry of commerce to visit booking agents, shipping companies, etc., collect market information of FCL, organize advantageous routes and quotations, and make corresponding analysis;

    2. Studied foreign FCL agents, and selected superior agent resources to assist each branch and department in the quotation work;

    3. Assist the overseas development department to develop and quote according to the domestic FCL resources;

    4. Maintain some domestic customers.


    1. College degree or above, major in international trade, business English, with certain knowledge of international trade, freight forwarding industry, shipping industry

    2. Cet-4 or above, good writing and oral English

    3. Accept a certain amount of travel.

  • Position wanted: 2 overseas affairs specialists


    Job responsibilities:

    1. Daily TROUBLE handling of overseas affairs.

    2. Master the conditions, market demands and changes of competitors of the airline cooperation agent in charge.

    3. Understand the timely payment of the agent's accounts and take countermeasures to reduce the risk of bad debts.

    4. Able to communicate and coordinate with other departments to facilitate the smooth completion of work.


    1. College degree or above, major in international trade, business English, etc

    2. Cet-6, good at English writing and speaking