World Jaguar Logistics Inc.



 Owing long-term agency contracts with major airlines, World Jaguar can act as the agent of 37 international flights departing from Qingdao, which have direct service to Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and other countries and areas. In addition, World Jaguar can offer the transit service via BJS, Inchon and Dubai to all over the world by multimodal transport.


World Jaguar can handle the import service from the worldwide main airports to Qingdao. World Jaguar Logistics Inc. has Air Freight Branch in Qingdao airport and cooperates with professional customs brokers, providing high-quality and high-efficient customs clearance and pick-up services to customers. According to customers’ requirement, World Jaguar can arrange the customs clearance, pick-up and delivery as soon as the cargo arrives in Qingdao airport.