World Jaguar Logistics Inc.


Until August 2012, World Jaguar’s indoor bonded warehouse has been expanded to 6238 square meters with Omni-directional monitoring, liftable goods shelf and barcode management system, which can offer safe, efficient and accurate service.

World Jaguar Free Trade Zone Branch can offer the following services:

1、“One-Day Tour in FTZ: It is applied to import and export processing trade. The cargo is exported to bonded logistics zone by general trade to complete the tax refund and re-imported with processing trade manual to be processed into finished products for exporting. The manual will be verified after exporting the finished products.

2、Bonded warehousing: It is applied to normal import cargos which have not finished customs clearance

3、International purchasing and distribution: it has global purchasing and sorting center in the bonded logistics zone, sorting according to overseas orders, repackaging and exporting to all over the world. 

4、International transshipment: it loads international and domestic cargos into LCL containers in the bonded logistics zone and transport to other ports at home and abroad to realize the second consolidation of domestic cargos and international transit cargos.

5、International entrepot trade: according to international market situation, domestic traders purchase cargos in bulk and store temporarily in Qingdao bonded logistics zone. The cargos will be shipped to different countries based on different customers to complete trade and foreign exchange settlement.

Service features of World Jaguar Free Trade Zone Branch:

1、The buyer consol cargos are allowed to enter the bonded logistics zone before customs declaration, and the inspection is taken in the bonded warehouse.

2、One dimensional/two dimensional code management for each piece of cargo:

Better service: through barcode management, it can accomplish warehouse in, sorting and warehouse out for cargos with multiple kinds and types.

Higher accuracy: the warehouse in and out is recorded by standard barcode scanning with strong reliability and almost zero error rate, ensuring the accordance and accuracy of inventory data with actual cargos.

More comprehensive information: the whole-process barcode tracking management can provide current and historical logistics online data according to customer’s requirement.

3、Five shelves of adjustable sack can meet the needs of different kinds of cargos, ensuring a safe and visible storage of cargos.

4、Visible warehouse operations: 24-hour all dimensional monitoring can provide video for checking at any time.

5、Customs supervision LCL warehouse: entry to the bonded warehouse firstly and clear customs after. Loading the container after cargo is released by the customs. Random inspection can be done in the bonded warehouse without moving cargo to the supervision area.

Supporting the development of Qingdao port vehicle export business, creating the new mode of storage and logistics!

New mode of vehicle export business: The customs clearance is permitted after vehicles entering the bonded zone, which means enterprises are able to get the tax refund certification from customs before vehicle are shipped and settle the foreign exchange to accomplish tax refund and withdraw of funds.

According to the demands of customers and market, World Jaguar Free Trade Zone Branch can offer customized value-added service, such as pick-up and delivery, loading and unloading, warehousing and distribution, devanning, sorting, palletizing, packaging, weighing, pasting marks, etc.