World Jaguar Logistics Inc.


Taking the advantage of its own warehouse in the bonded logistics zone, World Jaguar has been concentrating on developing cross boarder e-commerce business since the beginning of 2014, which can offer cross boarder e-commerce direct transportation and stock-up ground service. The key members of operation team has been working in e-commerce and international freight forwarding industry for many years, so they have full experience in e-commerce ground service. At present, the customs supervision area equipped with two X-ray machine sorting lines has been set up in bonded logistics zone, and World Jaguar has built 3000 square meters professional warehouse and put it into use and invested 2 million to exploit a set of mature e-commerce warehouse management system to realize the delicacy management for each cargo. 

Owing the complete e-commerce ground service system and combining with its mature business units of booking space and customs clearance, World Jaguar can provide customized one package service for every e-commerce customers, which is efficient, accurate, safe, fast and convenient.