World Jaguar Logistics Inc.


Times flies like an arrow but the memories last forever. With the hard work of the team and the support of corporate leadership. In this warm August, World Jaguar Logistics Co., Ltd Shanghai Branch Office (“WJ Shanghai” hereinafter) ushered in its 8th anniversary. It has been more than 2900 days, WJ people have witnessed the emerging and maturing of the company, now the old has gone and the new has come.

In order to have a pleasant and memorable eighth birthday, on the noon of August 24th, a birthday celebration party has been held at the big conference room, the company offered drinks, birthday cakes, fruits and many other snacks for the full WJ Shanghai working staff.

Time passes by inadvertently, but when we turned around we found that those memories did not go with the fleeting time. At the beginning of the party, the host Edison Zhu made a simple opening remark for the staff, and later in the PPT “Memories” prepared by the Human Resource Department, WJ Shanghai people reviewed the moments in the last 8 years which had been recorded by the company.

 For 8 years, WJ Shanghai has always remained true to its original aspiration. From the dormitory to the office of nearly 1,000 square meters, from quite a few people to a team of nearly 70 people. Every member of the team is strictly adhered to the principle of “Conviction and Perseverance”. WJ Shanghai people are the key to success and WJ Shanghai is proud to have them all as they are the greatest fortune of the company.

WJ Shanghai has witnessed the growth of every member of the WJ family. The company invited those whom have been working at the WJ Shanghai for more than 5 years, and those whom are relatively new but are already being the hard core of the company, as the representatives of the employees to share their ideas and best practices of the “growth and inspiration”.

By making every effort, the WJ Shanghai people all made full use of their youth time to do the things that are useful to the company. Those passed days are worth reminiscing and the future time is worth expecting. Kiki Li, general manager of World Jaguar (Shanghai), shared her life and experience at the company with others: how has she grown up together with WJ Shanghai, and how has the years of time better shaped the company and herself. Kiki has also mentioned those enjoyable and tough times that the WJ people have gone through,the memories accumulated for years seemed to leap up vividly by the eyes. WJ Shanghai people are convinced that the company world jaguar is where the dream starts and where the dream comes true.

Where there is a will, there is a way. The song “The Benevolent Will Be King” sounded at the hall, as the celebration of the 8th anniversary of WJ Shanghai approached its conclusion. The most beautiful moments were caught on camera by the World Jaguar employees.

Upholding the operation principle “Consolidate the causes by expertise, prevail over competitors through quality, and seek excellence by innovation”. WJ Shanghai has always been committed to providing professional and highly-efficient freight forwarding services. Over the 8 years, the WJ Shanghai team experienced a gradual increase in team members, as more and more people chose to believe in WJ Shanghai and joined in it. It can be seen that under the strategic leadership of the head office, as well as the team spirit of “we work together as a sincere unity, we work hard to stand out”, WJ Shanghai team is about to embrace a bright and colorful future.